Saturday, September 6, 2008

TS Hanna makes landfall. All eyes on Ike

Tropical Storm Hanna
It was a wild ride last night here in eastern N.C. Our top wind gust so far was 43 MPH. We got a total of 0.92 inches of rain from yesterday morning when Hanna's outer rain bands started to come ashore. Hanna made landfall last night around 3:20 AM on the S.C./N.C. border. Hanna is expected to race up the U.S. East Coast today and tomorrow and merge back out into the Atlantic.

Hurricane Ike
Evacuations have already begun in south Florida. Ike has top winds of 115 MPH gusting up to 140 MPH. Ike is expected to impact Cuba late Sunday as a category 4 hurricane and then emerge into the GOM and might cause problems for a lot of the Gulf Coast. All residents from Florida to Texas should closely monitor the progress of this system.