Monday, November 19, 2007

4 new systems in the Indian and Pacific oceans

2 of the new storms are not a threat to land so i will not be posting about them. Here are the 2 links storm 1 Lee-Ariel. Storm 2 Bongwe.

Storm #3 is a tropical depression impacting the Philippines right now but is expected to move towered Vietnam in the next five days as a cat 1. I do not think she will be much of a threat.

Storm #4 is Tropical cyclone Guba just to the northeast of Australia but only a tropical storm and not supposed to be a threat except maybe flooding in parts of norther Australia.
As for the Atlantic there is nothing going on. At the end of hurricane season (November 30) I will have a special post on this year hurricane season. as for Wild Weather Wenesday i will not have it anymore untile may of next year.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nothing going on in the Atlantic

Nothing is going on in the Atlantic today.

There are 3 other storms.

Indian ocean: 1
Western Pacific: 2
Eastern Pacific: 0
Atlantic: 0

For more INFO go HERE

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wild Weather Wednesday(on Thursday) and tropical update.

Tropical Update
There is nothing going on in the tropics.

Wild Weather Wednesday (on Thursday)

Today on Wild Weather Wednesday
Hurricane Noel
Date of birth: 10/28/07
Date of death: 11/02/07
Peak strength: Category 1
Deaths: 81< (No U.S. deaths)
Noel had waves measured up to 46 feet high and over 4.00 inches of rain in New England.

I will not be posting tomorrow or Monday because i will be on the road to Atlanta to go visit The Weather Channel. My mom will be live blogging this. Here is her link


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tropical Update

There is nothing going on in the tropics today. I will not be posting this weekend cause a I am going some were. ( I will let you know thursday.) Stay tuned tomorrow for Wild Weather Wednesday.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

More on Noel the 'Noreaster

Noel is now in Canada and not a threat to the U.S. anymore. New England saw gusts up to 80 mph and over 4.00 inches of rain. At my weather station I had a peak gust of 37.6 mph.
This will be my last post on what is now Noel the 'Noreaster.


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Noel the 'noreaster

The NHC issued the final advisory for Noel yesterday at 5 pm. Noel still looks very impressive on satellite imagery. Noel will continue to head north and will probably impact New England with winds up to 70 mph. Seas could reach 17-22 feet. Hurricane force wind warnings are up for portions of New England (click Hurricane force winds for the watches/warnings). I might put a post up later today or tomorrow.


Friday, November 2, 2007

Final advisory issued for Noel

The NHC issued its last advisory for hurricane Noel because it is suposed to be extratropical later tonight. Winds are still 80 mph sustained and 95 mph gusts. This might be my last post on Noel if it is gone by Monday.


Hurricane Noel nearing the U.S. coast

Hurricane Noel continues to head Northward up the U. S. east coast. Hurricane force winds are now extending 70 miles out from the center and tropical storm force winds extend 345 miles out for the center. There has NOT been any Hurricane or Tropical storm watches/warnings posted yet. People from South Port N.C. to Nova Scotia should monitor this storm very closely. The current gusts I am getting are about 20-25 mph but are expected to increase up to 20-40 mph. One of the bouys from the NDBC had a gust up to 31 knots just off the N.C. coast. Hurricane Noel like i said in my last post is losing more and more of its tropical characteristics and will probable be named extratropical my Saturday. If you would like to see the current watches/warning go here NWS LINK. For more tracking info go to NHC or Weather Underground. I will probably post again today between 2 and 7 o'clock. Here is the quick scat for Noel.


Feeling the effects of hurricane Noel.

I woke up last night with gust up to 30 mph from what is now hurricane Noel. Hurricane Noel continues to push north up the eastern seaboard with winds up to 80 mph and gust up to 95 mph. Hurricane Noel is also losing some of its tropical characteristics and might become extratropical as the weekend progresses. I can not get the 8 am advisory because the NHC has not posted it yet but i will have another post later today with some of my pictures from hurricane Noel. Here is the forecast wind band for hurricane Noel.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Noel not much of a threat as she starts to head North.

Noel is now moving North at 6 mph, this is supposed to keep the northward movement for the next 3-5 days and by that time it will be around Nova Scotia. Tropical storm watches/warning have been posted for portions of southern Florida. Current gusts is South Florida are up to 30-35 mph. Noel also continues to kick up very heavy thunderstorm around the COC as seen on the latest satellite imagery. Here is the latest computer models and Noel's current wind field.