Friday, November 2, 2007

Hurricane Noel nearing the U.S. coast

Hurricane Noel continues to head Northward up the U. S. east coast. Hurricane force winds are now extending 70 miles out from the center and tropical storm force winds extend 345 miles out for the center. There has NOT been any Hurricane or Tropical storm watches/warnings posted yet. People from South Port N.C. to Nova Scotia should monitor this storm very closely. The current gusts I am getting are about 20-25 mph but are expected to increase up to 20-40 mph. One of the bouys from the NDBC had a gust up to 31 knots just off the N.C. coast. Hurricane Noel like i said in my last post is losing more and more of its tropical characteristics and will probable be named extratropical my Saturday. If you would like to see the current watches/warning go here NWS LINK. For more tracking info go to NHC or Weather Underground. I will probably post again today between 2 and 7 o'clock. Here is the quick scat for Noel.