Monday, October 1, 2007

New system to watch 90L.Karen and Melissa gone.

Welcome to Hurricane Tracker I'm Hurricane10
1. This system located around south Florida was labeled "invest 90L" by the NHC earlier today. The newest satellite loops show obvious rotation around south Florida and people anywhere from the Florida panhandle to the Texas/Mexico border
should monitor this system closely. The current wind shear is about 20 to 40 knots over the system which will stop any formation for today. I will have an update for 90L by Tuesday afternoon.

figure 1. This picture is a wind analysis From south Florida. As you can see just off the coast of the Florida keys is winds up to 50 knots witch is about 57 mph.

2. Karen and Melissa. Karen was torn up by wind shear up to 50 knots Saturday and could possible redevelop within the next couple of days. I give this about a 50% chance of happening. Melissa was also torn apart by wind shear and will probable not redevelop.

For Hurricane Tracker I'm Hurricane 10

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way cool little man!!!! you are giving the weather channel some serious competition!