Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Noel still heading west. Wild Weather Wednesday

Noel continues to build very heavy thunderstorm just north of Cuba. The NHC still has Noel just missing south Florida and curving north out to see but if you have been keeping track Noel has been heading more south of their predicted path. I think Noel will have a 40% chance to hitting Florida directly.

Wild Weather Wednesday

The 2005 Hurricane season.

In 2005 we had a record breaking season. We had 27 Storms 13 of them tropical storms and 15 Hurricanes. We also had hurricane Wilma which had the lowest Pressure on record. 5 hurricane made landfall and 3 tropical storms made landfall. Thank you for visting on Wild Weather Wednesday.


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qualcosa di bello said...

good links for WWW! i like this feature & hope to see more about hurricane season '05