Friday, October 5, 2007

update on 91L,92L, and Super Typhoon Krosa


91L continues to remain disorganized today on resent satellite loops. It is being tore up by wind shear up to 20-30 knots.This may kill off the storm but it is to early to tell what will happen. If the storm does survive most of the computer models bring to the Lesser Antilles and the a more northerly curve towards puerto rico. Here are the computer models for 91L.

Since yesterday you can see that most of the computer models are bringing it more south. we will have to see what happens with 91L. I might have an update on 91L later today.

92L---sorry i am having technical difficulties with 92L but i will have an update on 91L later today.---

Super Typhoon Krosa

Krosa continues to look very impressive on satellite imagery. Krosa has winds of 150mph and gust up to 185mph. She is expected to hit north Taiwan. Here is the latest satellite imagery.

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qualcosa di bello said...

i'm voting for heavy wind shear to tear up 91L!

i'll check back for a 92L update...